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The Ornamental Snails Breeding

1. Snails eat it?

Some eat, some eat, sea snails, dark gold, gold screw, these types of moon snails graze, but they are not interested in plants of the Mosi class. Other species do not eat grass.

2. The spiral algae it?

Perhaps each aquarium aquarium enthusiasts have met the proliferation of algae, he bought a lot of drugs to the system, but found that the effect did not like the manual said so obvious, but the aquarium ecosystem out of balance, everyone knows a wide variety of aquatic life , but have their own “killer”, so long as to find their “nemesis”, the lifting of parasites ecological stability problems and ensure that water is bound to can be reconciled.

Basically all of the snails are functional and can remove algae fish bait, but the best is the zebra algae snails, onion, horn snails, Li Lo these gas water snails and apple snails. Some other features of the weaker.

3. I have a gap on the shells or peel on the long-

Regular use of spiral grain and add calcium, shell meet to prevent decalcification, some of the other ground water changes will help the water is too acid to adjust the dose or increase the PH value of coral sand, marble chips to adjust, prevention, etc. discovered too late to treat, even if the make up of calcium, shell did the ornamental

4. Screw a visual hearing it?

No auditory, visual, can only distinguish light and dark, mainly by well-developed sense of smell and touch.

5. How to estimate the daily food intake of snails?

Simply left to eat is not the best, but you can refer to the following amount, the amount of summer feeding 5% of body weight in the snail, spiral spring day in 10% of body weight is appropriate.

6. Screw fish it?

Many people say, screw the tank of any fish or shrimp to eat, but in fact this is a misunderstanding, but it is slow to snail’s mouth to eat very slowly, how can the health of the fish to let him eat it? Fish should be sick can not move or die, it have a chance to be a real treat. Then it should be noted whether the prevalence of ornamental fish tank!

7. Screw you will get sick?

So far I have not encountered before, Lo is the resistance and resilience of life. Normally the fish will not be transmitted to the common screw. If you suspect snail can be infected by the virus isolate and remove the screw soaked with potassium permanganate solution (10-20 mg / l potassium permanganate solution soak 10-20 minutes)

8. Snails with parasites it?

First, start with the parasite is present in nature and not screw yourself out of a long (for example, water in an area), living in this water body is likely to be the wild snails to hide the body of parasites, but the watch is from generation to generation artificial snail feeding conditions, breeding can be sure he does not have parasites!

9. Mystery snails What will happen between the new hybrid varieties?

First, that the mysterious spiral pattern from the appearance and not divided into two kinds of lines, not lines of snail shell hybrid between the screw up just 2 exchange between the shell and meat, for example, gold is a yellow shell yellow flesh, blue is the blue crystal shell blue meat, hybridization may rarely yellow or blue shell shell blue yellow flesh meat offspring, is a common eggs can hatch out several varieties of mystery snails, why you they want it.

If there is no grain pattern and mating between snails, such as snails and purple gold lily hybrids may be output after some yellow purple sea snails. Because the young snails Viola inherited the gene containing the pattern of yellow and gold gene.

Most cases are hatched snails have parents two varieties, and are pure. For example you will understand: white horse and black horse mating the offspring can not be zebra.

10. Screw sensitive to light it?

Screw the whole fear of light shade.

11. Snails can grow much?

Mystery snails can grow to 5-6 cm, apple snails 2 cm, the moon snails 5 cm, ribbon pagoda, Malay screw 3 cm.

12. Mystery snails will become pests in the tank it?

No, their number is very easy to control, and their eggs are easy to find, simply remove it to prevent over-breeding, but not thrown into the natural water body, once the excess snails, it is best to destroy it out, must not be arbitrarily released. If not careful, may result in ecological pollution.

The Ornamental Snails Breeding

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