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The Betta Fish Sickness

The Betta Fish Sickness
Tail clamp
Performance: fish are fin (tail fin-based) are glued together as the same can not be opened)
Cause: Due to poor water quality or new water stimulation is too strong (PH value of the shock temperature changes) is not caused by a form of fish
Treatment: heating a small amount of 2 degrees + daily big grain of salt + new string to support good water 1 / 4
Prevention: keep the water clean, regular water, strengthen the new water treatment to prevent the discomfort of the response of fish

Burning tail fin is rotten fish are common friends, I have been troubled for a long time these two fish.
Performance: fish are fin (tail fin-based) is something like friends, like to eat
Burning end of cause: the first from the water too acidic (PH value is too low) over the old cause, and later may be complicated by bacterial fin rot
Treatment: first stable water quality, and water under the sterilization to prevent wound infection or gluten, high protein content of feed to increase the general fin will grow back
Prevention: keep the water clean, regular water

Black fin pin hole
Cause: bacterial fin rot
Pin hole: As the water is too old due to the large population of bacteria in the water or injury caused by wound infection fins
Treatment: heating up 2 degrees + gluten or class of bacterial sterilization of water treatment, 2-3 days after changing the water tonic
Prevention: keep the water clean, regular water
Parasites: Trichodina parasitic
Treatment: Low concentrations of trichlorfon or nitric acid dipping yacon
Prevention: live food disinfection to enhance the handling capacity of the water, reducing the chance of parasite invasion

Pepper disease
Performance: a lot of small fish, white dots, the fish body color also clip the end of poor mental state phenomena
Cause: long-term adverse water quality
Treatment: for half of the new water + temperature + elevated to 30 degrees under the weight of salt 2 – 3 days which can be cured
Prevention: pay attention to water quality or

Performance: loss of appetite will be white
Cause: two kinds of sub-bacterial parasites
Treatment: careful observation is hollow or solid white hollow of a hundred will be in addition to treatment, and sent within the next kill with solid bait (indigestion, temperature 2 degrees, oxytetracycline 100 liters 3 + furazolidone 100 put six liters of water, tonic water change 2 days) This method of treatment
Prevention: to feed checks, good disinfection

White Point
Performance: the poor state of small particles attached to the body with white
Cause: Ichthyophthirius parasite fish
Treatment: sick fish temperature of 30 degrees + isolation + big grain of salt (also available nitrate yacon drugs or other drugs designed to kill the bath)
Prevention: to enhance the treatment of water, reducing the chance of parasite invasion

Performance: stomach swelling, post-performance scales will be established
Causes + treatment: ascites, there are three
Food contaminated water caused by internal bacterial diseases, the initial use of a large celebration or furazolidone + oxytetracycline combined with magnesium treatment, or sixty percent of allicin potential recovery
Due to internal parasites, more refractory, a hundred will have a chance of survival than treatment
Defects caused by their disease (such as human cancer), no treatment may
Ascites disease becomes established in the late concurrent scales, so early treatment, but personally believe that prevention is more important than treatment, usually pay attention to water quality, frequently changes the water, do the early prevention of food processing
Prevention: regular water to control the bacterial growth rate, the feed processing, sterilization is best to feed frozen bloodworms brine shrimp and other security feed, artificial feed can also be

Performance: fish floc surface, a closer look you can see mycelium
Cause: Saprolegnia fungal infections, diseased fish more susceptible to water mold wound
Treatment: It is recommended to use special drugs to kill recommend Delong fungal therapeutic agents, the effect is surprising good, methylene blue + large grain of salt can also be
Prevention: water water water or water

Bald white mouth
Performance: sick fish head subsided into a milky white color, swelling of the mouth, sometimes like water mold floc
Cause: There is no fully identified, should be Gram-negative bacilli
Treatment: use of potent bactericidal drugs, such as gluten + oxytetracycline or special sterilization treatment
Prevention: Note quality

The Betta Fish Sickness

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