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Saltwater Marine Fish – How To Breed Clownfish

Saltwater and aquariums cost a lot. Therefore, a lot of people want to breed the saltwater fish and invertebrates in order for them to get back the money that they have spent. One of the most popular among these fishes is the clown fish probably because it is popular and it is easy to breed. Here are some of the basic things you need to learn in order to breed clownfish successfully.

Prepare your tank. The tank should have saltwater because clownfish is a marine animal. You should make the tank as natural as possible for the clownfish to become comfortable with the place. There should be live rock and sand inside the tank. There should also be a filter to make sure that the water is always clean.

Prepare the fish. You need to have at least a pair of clownfish. You can either purchase young or mature clownfish. However, you need to know that only the mature fishes will breed. You do not need to worry about the sex of the fish as well. If you purchase mature ones, then the bigger one is the female while the smaller one is the male. If you purchase young ones, then they will adapt to the environment. Since fishes are normally non-sexual, one will grow bigger than the other if placed in an isolated area.

Prepare the lighting system. It is important to know that breeding for clownfish occurs only in the evening. This is the natural instinct of clownfish as they feel safer at night when they are in their natural habitat. Therefore, the light should not always be turned on inside the tank. You may not even know that the pair of clownfish has bred already therefore you need to be really patient and wait until the eggs are released.

Observe the eggs. The eggs are fertilized outside the fish’ body and they are easily seen because of their bright orange color. As days pass, the eggs will form eyes. You will notice that at this point, the male clownfish is almost always with the eggs. This is because he is guarding them and making sure that they are safe and have enough oxygen. You know that the eggs will hatch soon once they turn silver.

Prepare a separate tank for the baby clownfish. The fry tank is necessary as the current tank may be a little dangerous for the baby fishes. They need a very safe place in order for them to grow and survive in the tank. You need to move the eggs once they turn silver so that you are sure that the babies are safe once they are out.

Prepare food for the babies. The larvae should be given food as often as possible. They eat a lot because they are still growing. The last thing you want to happen is for the fry to die because of competition over food. Therefore, you need to make sure that they always have enough food in the fry tank.

These are some of the tips you can follow in breeding clownfish.

Saltwater Marine Fish – How To Breed Clownfish

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