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Guppy fish feed and feeding methods

Artificial diet

Artificial diets currently on the market has already sold a considerable number of species, roughly divided into three types: A, sheet feed; two pellets; three frozen feed. These feeds are most easily and most likely fed the feed, in addition to the development of special feed for the guppy, guppies should also be pet owners as most of the staple food choices, nutrition is very much intact.

Live bait

The use of live bait has always been mixed, as a living food nutritional value, of course, far better than artificial processed feed, but it is accompanied by security issues, as our owner is not careful, or else the aftermath will make you feel less like just fed feed!

The most secure live bait shrimp harvest should be even (nauplii) it! Does not require long preparation time, the procedure does not need too much, but after hatching, feeding as soon as possible, because the most nutritious nauplii is just hatched with a yolk sac is also the time, if time dragged on too long yolk have been absorbed by nauplii and exhausted, so the nutritional value will be slightly less convincing. If users have hatched brine shrimp to feed the habits of the peacock, and if a number of hatching brine shrimp, you can freeze him, next time at feeding time, as long as the thawing can be used.

Another is the water flea, green water can be breeding just to note is that the water fleas collected in the field back to take it is best not to feed the fish directly, because the Cyclops is a camel-shaped worms in the intermediate host, once camel-shaped parasitic nematodes, then, is not attended to, oh! Moreover, water fleas collected from the wild, wild as the quantity of bacteria in water may be high, if the rush into the tank, may be infected in the greenhouse baby – guppy. There is to pay attention to what you get is what kind of Daphnia, Cyclops if it is part, due to a hard shell, less suitable.

Other aquarium up with silk worms live bait devaluation, silk worm’s nutritional value is very high, put some in the tank, can survive for a long time, so you keep eating peacock, peacock fish, so will be very rapid growth , but also can be used as bait, silk worms fed the drug first introduced into medicine, to give the peacock fish, the effect is quite good. Seen in this light, silk worms feed should be the most perfect, but the source of the silk worms were collected from the wild back, although some of the aquarium will be sterilized, but no one way to ensure the silk worm’s body will not take parasites of the eggs, so users have to pay attention.

Guppy feeding method

Small guppy birth, love the fish must be busy preparing for the friend variety of food, small guppies can swim soon after birth, feeding, the mother peacock about to give birth if found, can begin to prepare hatched Artemia Shrimp, fish until shortly after birth, there will be a hearty first meal, but remember to note the amount of feed, feed if eat too much, it will pollute the water, causing the opposite effect, and if do not have the brine shrimp eggs Or no experience of hatching, you can get into a normal fed fish flakes when the feed will be ground into scrap sheet feed, you can eat a fish, pay attention to feeding the food is not too much weight to avoid Eat small fish and water pollution. Another is to use cooked egg yolk, take net wrap, a slight shaking in the water, quantity does not need too much. Because too much nutrition, so the pollution will be more terrorist bait, if necessary, should be after feeding, immediately ready to change the water.

Usually before the separation of sex peacock, you can try feeding high-protein food, but when male and female fish can be separated after breeding, it is best not to let the public too much high-protein fish food, fish, waist to avoid becoming too public Thick, the females will not have to worry about, you can try feeding the fish so that the mother becomes more rounded shape, but if the number of feeding increased the frequency of water exchange should be adjusted relative to avoid deterioration of water quality too fast, resulting in one disease Breeding, endangering guppies. Usually mature guppies will eat all kinds of feed are pleased, but note that it is best not to use the same kind of fixed-feed, you can change some of the occasional taste of the main thing is to prevent problems caused by unbalanced nutrition.

Guppy fish feed and feeding methods

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